(Modular Object-Orientated Dynamic Learning Environment)

What is Moodle?

Moodle is a SCORM* compliant learning management system that facilitates the efficient transfer of knowledge from teacher to student using traditional and innovative methods of dissemination of information.

How can it benefit you?

The immediate benefit of Moodle relies in the following areas:

  1. Teaching can be done over distance learning
  2. Lecturers can manage their academic affairs efficiently as they can access their academic material from a decentralised location
  3. Students have easy access to course notes

Currently, Lecturers in the Department of TeleHealth use Moodle to manage their courses, journal club, and disseminate important information via web conferencing viz:Distant learning

For a working example, please refer to the Department of TeleHealth’s elearning platform

*SCORM-Shareable Content Object Reference Module

For Further information please contact: Mr Yashik Singh or Miss Shikara Rambali



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